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Remember those words? I do. I used to sing them every single day at assembly in school... and it filled me to the brim with pride. I used to look out the window as I sang those words, pledged my life to this country, and I would see the beautiful blue sky, the swaying trees, whispy clouds and a rugged mountain. Sometimes I would be moved to near tears with the emotion. I also understand that this was all part of our indoctrination into Apartheid nationalism. But it worked on me dammit. And also, although I was basically pledging my life to defend this country against "Die Rooi/Swart Gevaar" as we were then told, I still felt more than that. This was my country, my home, my land... I belonged here and I will never leave.

I am still today an utterly patriotic South African. I don't give a hoot what colour the people in power are, because my country is still here and it is still as beautiful as when I gazed out that window, tears brimming.

And nothing gets me more agitated than people who only have bad things to say about this country. It's like a personal insult. It's like insulting my mother! I hope that one day all the naysayers will have buggered off to so-called greener pastures (have you seen Natal in Spring? - nothing greener, maybe Scotland brrrr)

Pessimism is a disease that grows and spreads like cancer, consuming the human host until they are dead inside. It is a horrible affliction. Remember when your Mom used to say "If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing"? Why not spread smiles and lift people up? Change a life, make someone's day. Be positive! Just don't sit there and complain and then do bugger all about it. ESPECIALLY IF YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE TOSSERS WHO DIDN'T BOTHER TO VOTE! You have no right to say a freaking word about this country because really you are just a squatter here. A homeless vagrant. A bum. You don't belong here and you never will, so bugger off.

How can you possibly ignore all the AWESOME things about South Africa? Are you so blinded by your cancerous cynicism? Open your eyes. Look at your life goddammit. Do you own and drive a car? Do you own a home or rent a nice one? Do you have a job? Do you have the Internet for five snakes? Do you have a domestic worker? Do you ever have to get out of your car to fill your tank with state-subsidised petrol? Can you buy any international clothing label at your convenience? Can you go out and eat at Michelin-rated restaurants while drinking internationally acclaimed local wine? Can you go to a stadium and watch world champions play sport? Can you go to the beach, swim in a crystal mountain stream, trek through bushveld for the Big Five in a country leading the world in conservation? Can you meet any shade of human and laugh with them? Can you drink beer manufactured by the 2nd most successful brewery in the entire world? Can you think proudly of a self-made billionaire pushing the limits all the way to space? Can you braai outside pretty much the WHOLE year? Ah crap, I could go on forever really, but if you just don't get it, then what's the point? Please get your affairs in order and go live under gray skies with a dole-lazy bunch of low class pommies, or with a bunch of nasal-twanging crude Aussies, or wherever else you seem to think is a much better place. Please go. It means more of my beloved South Africa for us true South Africans!!!

*An earlier blog below, and in light of the recent events, I think we all need a bit of cheering up*

Rainbow Nation

I wrote the below article for a travel agent to put on pamphlets for overseas tourists (so it is a bit florid, but it's pamphlet copy remember). I think it is a pretty accurate description of this awesome country, so with all the kak going round, let's all get patriotic instead of bickering like children!!! I vote for SA, nobody else.

South Africa is the African poster child; the epitome of African culture juxtaposed with the frenetic pace of first world progress, and aptly named the Rainbow Nation due to its stark contrasts of landscape, culture, people, fauna and flora. These contrasting aspects meld and mesh into a kaleidoscope of sensory delights. Its troubled and fascinating history is enough to warrant a visit, but the wealth of its utterly mesmerizing facets will have you submerged in a place as magical and awe-inspiring as the world on which our first ancestors gazed.

The land offers up its bounty of breathtaking scenery in the form of myriad biospheres. Visitors are spoilt for choice with inviting seas and cloud breathing mountains, peaceful deserts and verdant forests, untamed savannahs and luscious wetlands. The utter diversity of life that inhabits these environments is an incomparable feast for nature lovers. South Africa is second to none in wildlife conservation and spotting the Big Five is a challenge often conquered. The Big Five originate from the hunting days when these animals were feared as the most dangerous to stalk – Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo. Now, plucked from the jaws of extinction by intensive conservation efforts, these majestic animals roam free in massive game parks to be experienced and enjoyed by the fortunate visitor. Although the cornucopia of other fauna inhabiting this land should not be neglected as South Africa can boast a veritable Noah’s Ark of creatures, as well as a diverse range of fascinating and unique flora.

The South African people are truly blessed to live in this paradise, but it is the people of South Africa that make this country an unparalleled destination. From the dawn of civilization, South Africa can attest to being the cradle of humankind, as ancient fossils discovered here soundly place the birth of our earliest ancestors in South Africa. From that time, South Africa has endured shuddering upheavals from tribal and colonial warfare to the inexcusable suffering caused by Apartheid. However, despite these seemingly insurmountable crises the people have emerged bruised, but with an innate joie de vivre that negates these troubles. All South Africans are proud of, and fervently engage in, the nation building needed to heal this land. Visitors will be constantly struck by the genuine warmth and friendliness of all the peoples of South Africa, be they poor, rich, Black, White, Indian, Coloured or Asian. It is this melting pot of humanity that makes South Africa a truly great nation.

Visitors will often witness substantial disparities living side by side in South Africa - the ancient customs and modern ways, the concrete jungle and wild savannah, BMW’s and donkey carts, vast mansions and lean-to shacks, smog and mountain air, muddy rivers and crystal streams, elephants and poodles, cellphones and drum beats. South Africa neither makes excuses for these contradictions, nor does it boast of them. These are but the ingredients that make South Africa one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world today.

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