Egalite, Fraternite, Liberte!


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Equality, Brotherhood, Freedom! We need a revolution. Humanity is lost. Capitalism is a cancer. Democracy is the tyranny of the majority. Yet here we are; blindly stumbling through a reality we have been fooled into believing. Hoodwinked into a reality that we have theoretically chosen.

Democracy, in theory, is benign. Majority rule. A common consciousness. Consensus amongst the masses. The greatest good for the greatest amount of people. Very utilitarian. Yet impractical. There is no sway for idealists in this imperfect world.

Democracy enslaves the minority.

Are we really a brotherhood of men? Or are we simply a species? Should the future of our species be written by the majority?

Would you hand over your rights to the majority?

You must, if you live in a democracy.

We have forgone intellectual endeavour for consumerism. Capitalism run riot. Unbridled greed. This is our legacy.

A species capable of artistic creativity and enlightenment, reduced to a mere consumer. The very word is an insult.

We have achieved nothing.

We need a revolution. Not brought about by blood and violence, but a revolution of the mind. Our greatest ally and our greatest foe, encased in a dome of marrow... within ourselves.

We need a revolution of the mind.

Democratically-empowered capitalism is wrong. Or is it simply our truth? Is greed such an innate force that we shall never escape this evolutionary yoke? Greed. It has made us what we are, but it will be our ultimate undoing.

Universal truths, such as equality, brotherhood and freedom, are but spectres in our collective dreams. A collective consciousness of peace and love, or freedom and equality... They can not be obtained in this whirlpool of capitalism. Impossible! We have forged this path, with good intent. And you know what they say about good intentions. We wanted to empower all people with an equal chance, but that has been thwarted by innate greed.

And now...

And now our path has become a downward spiral of destruction and chaos.

No good shall come of it.

We need a revolution of the mind.

But there is no sway for idealists in this imperfect world

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