The Parrot A.R Drone Quadricopter - Perhaps the ultimate gadget?


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You get gadgets and then you get GADGETS. How about a wi-fi connected quadricopter that you can control with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (apparently Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android are coming too) with 2 onboard video cameras... AND you can battle with a friend? Hmmmm, how about that? CHECK IT OUT: This gets a massive ^^5)( from me. That's a Double High Five Chest Bump and I'll add in a BOOYAAA!

Check this battle vid: 

If they add in a microphone/speaker function for yelling out shit like "WOOF!" when hovering over the family cat, then this will be one of the ultimate gadgets... okay, wait, if it fetched a beer from the fridge too then I'd marry it.

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