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Arcade Fire release personalised music video
The music video genre has suddenly been blown out of the water by Arcade Fire's latest offering “We Used to Wait” off of their new album, The Suburbs.

The band released an online multimedia video entitled “The Wilderness Downtown” on 31 August, 2010. It was sculpted by the genius mind of writer/director Chris Milk, produced by
Radical Media and B-Reel, with a little help from Google. What can only be described as a personalised musical experience, The Wilderness Downtown is mashed together with HTML5, 3D canvas rendering, real-time compositing, Google Maps, Google Street View and Google Chrome Experiments.

Without taking away from the full emotive experience, I'll just point you to the site so you can go and enjoy it for yourself without any preconceived expectations. You're going to have to use Google Chrome to view it properly and the available information from South African Google Maps might me less granular than overseas, but nonetheless enough to make it mind-blowing.

Click on over to
“The Wilderness Downtown”, turn up your speakers and be prepared for one of the most incredible music videos you've ever seen.

Once you've watched it, come back and tell me how you think this sort of HTML5 Web 2.0 mashup will redefine the way we interact with media.

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